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Mi Ju’s artwork overloads my visual receptors…I love it!


Mi Ju

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The Blue Girl by Sungown

Very cute and positively special

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For the attention of some freelancers out there. Unless you’re getting paid or some form of sweet incentive just walk away…


Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to turn to a life of crime. Probably the same.

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Illustrations : by Steven Lopez / Website

Part of the Cantara Exhibition at Gauntlet Gallery. Artwork available HERE.

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Detailed views of the dazzling ancient monuments of Central America through the eyes (and hands) of english explorers. 

Castle at Tulum, 1844, Frederick Catherwood. Getty Research Institute.
Plate 158, No. 2 in Incidents of travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, 1853, John Lloyd Stephens. Getty Research Institute.
[Idol and altar at Copan] in Views of ancient monuments in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, 1844, Frederick Catherwood. Getty Research Institute.
Archway; Casa del Governador, Uxmal, Frederick Catherwood (author), Andrew Picken (lithographer). Getty Research Institute.

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What If?…Age of Ultron #2 Variant by James Stokoe

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Accidental Empires by Matthew Quick

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DC’s February 2014 Steampunk Variant Covers by Tommy Lee Edwards

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"Looking for the right place" -  Antonio Segura Donat

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